Attend An Event

MVMOM offers several opportunities for MoMs to meet one another throughout the year. If you’re thinking of joining our club and would like to experience an event, please feel free to visit a MoMs night out without obligation. Please email us for more information at

Monthly Meeting

Who: MoMs
When: The second Tuesday of each month
Where: General meetings are held in Apple Valley; summer socials are hosted by a member.

September Bingo
October AVPD Cyberbullying
November Holiday Giving Tree Event
December Volunteering Event
January Fitness Barre & Cardio Strength Class
February MoMs Spa Night
March Game night
April TBD
May Spring Banquet
June Summer Social
July Summer Social
August Summer Social

Free Family Event: Summer Picnic
Who: MoMs, their partners, and their kids
When: August 20, 2022
Where: Centrally located park

Free Family Event: Halloween Trunk or Treat
Who: MoMs, their partners, and their kids
When: October 15, 2022
Where: Apple Valley

Free Family Event: Egg Hunt
Who: MoMs, their partners, and their kids
When: Spring 2023
Where: Apple Valley

Minnesota Mothers of Multiples Workshop
Who: MoMs
When: April
Where: Location rotates
What:  Mothers of multiples from clubs around the state gather annually to celebrate our community, exchange best practices, take time for ourselves, and have fun! The events are hosted by each of the Minnesota clubs on a rotating basis.[/fusion_text]